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Our products

Tailor-made individuality for all situations

You require financing in the country of XYZ? Or a co-ordinated factoring solution in several countries? Or do you, as an exporter/importer, do business across borders?

No matter what your requirements may be: We've got the flexible, reliable factoring solution you need.

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Our products

We have put together a package of services with which we can serve any company in any situation in the best possible way. Liquidity provision, risk protection and services, e.g. credit control, can be attuned to the specific needs of our customers – that’s what we call truly tailor-made products. In the framework of these products, we provide only "real" factoring for our clients, That means that we take on not only the advance payment but also the complete risk of default (non-recourse factoring). Only "real" factoring leads to a balance sheet contraction (off-balance financing).

Our product range includes Inhouse-Factoring, Full-Service-Factoring, Reverse-Factoring, Due Date-Factoring and Distribution Finance.

Cross-Border Particularly for international companies with subsidiaries in different countries, we distinguish between two approaches: Multi-Local and Pan-European.

Export/Import Our global network and our partnership with the international association Factors Chain International (FCI) enables us to provide first-class services for exporting and importing companies.