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Due Date-Factoring

With belt to braces

Your liquidity is good – you do not require any pre-financing of receivables. However, you want to ensure that this remains so. In addition, you have more important things to do than to take care of debt collection. In that case Due Date-Factoring is just the right thing for you. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • 100% protection against payment defaults
  • Assumption of debt collection without additional costs

Advantages over classical trade credit insurance:

  • No insurance tax
  • No registration deadlines
  • No omission of duties
  • No cost contribution for the loss of receivables
Directly to products                             

Due Date-Factoring is the secure option amongst factoring products. We assume the entire risk of payment default. Should your customer not honour his debts, we will refund you 100% of the invoice sum.

Which leads us to the differences between our product and a trade credit insurance. In contrast to such an insurance, no cost contribution nor insurance tax is incurred with Due Date-Factoring. Furthermore, you do not have to adhere to any reporting deadlines – i.e. you cannot violate any obligation of duties – which takes quite a burden of your administration.

At least as convenient for you: The assumption of the entire debt collection system is part of the standard product. In addition, you also have the option of entrusting us with debtor management and dunning.

Risk protection and relieving service – those are the two pillars on which Due Date-Factoring by BNP Paribas Factor stands.