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For many companies doing business internationally is the ultimate challenge.  One of the biggest problems facing exporters is the increasing insistence by importers that trade is conducted on open account terms. This often means that payment is received many weeks or even months after delivery.  Our international network and our partnerships enable you to overcome cultural, language and currency issues in one go.

Our partnership


Factors Chain International (FCI) is a global network of leading factoring companies, whose common aim is to facilitate international trade through factoring and related financial services. Currently the FCI network groups 270 factors in 74 countries. (Source:
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With the extensive coverage of the BNP Paribas Factoring network and our membership in the top ranking international factoring networks of FCI, we are able to offer you competitive financing and the best collection and credit protection service in more than 70 countries around the world.

Our factoring colleagues and partners located in your buyer’s country have a professional first-hand knowledge of all local practices and legal framework. Using the same language and operating in the same time zone, they are best positioned to provide not only efficient collection from your buyers, but also a reliable risk assessment of their credit worthiness. Financing is provided by means of advances against outstanding accounts receivable.

In summary, international factoring provides the following benefits to you:

  • Increased sales in foreign markets by offering competitive terms of sale;
  • Protection against credit losses on foreign customers;
  • Accelerated cash flow through faster collections;
  • Liquidity to boost working capital;
  • Enhanced borrowing potential and an opportunity to make use of supplier discounts;
  • Lower costs than the aggregate charges for Letter of Credit transactions.