All our customers united the desire for sufficient liquidity, which must be guaranteed at all times. More and more companies from very different sectors and industries are discovering the advantages of factoring compared to other types of financing.Understandably. Because factoring not only improves the liquidity situation of a company, but also protects against loss of receivables and reduces the administrative burden – for example, in receivables management. In addition, factoring is revenue-congruent financing, which grows with increasing sales.

Just a few steps to more liquidity:

Step 1 - Invoicing: If we support you with one of our solutions, you will issue an invoice to your customer as usual and we will buy it from you. This is done electronically for you via an interface to our online platform Speedata.

Step 2 - Immediate liquidity: We will pay you up to 90% of the total receivables within a few hours to max. 24 hours* off. You get instant liquidity and needn’t to wait until your customer pays the invoice.

Step 3 - Customer pays: Your customer pays the outstanding balance after the agreed payment to BNP Paribas Factor GmbH. You will receive the remaining percentage minus our fee and interest after payment

* Subject to the conformity of invoices and compliance with contractual obligations.


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