As an entrepreneur, direct customer contact is important to you. You would also like to benefit from factoring without leaving your customer contacts out of your hands.

The Inhouse-Factoring solution combines both wishes. You can benefit from liquidity and the security provided by BNP Paribas Factor due to the 100% coverage of risk and the immediate payment of up to 90% of your receivables – we retain the remaining 10% as collateral security until your customer has paid the invoice total. However, your receivables management remains in your company so that your direct customer contact is maintained. As usual, you book payment receipts and invoices, and debit and credit memos.

BNP Paribas Factor then generally assumes the tasks of debtor monitoring and collection of past due receivables after your dunning procedure. This process works so smoothly because your accounting data is always automatically transmitted to the IT system of BNP Paribas Factor. In that way you can save costs and your company can concentrate on its daily operational core tasks.

Liquidity and risk advantages for your company


Jul 18, 2017, 09:33 AM
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Multi-local solutions are particularly suitable for international companies looking for a coordinated cross-border programme that is centrally coordinated and locally implemented.