Moving companies: employees of BNP Paribas Factor participate in the B2Run

BNP Paribas Factor participate in the B2Run

Get off the office chair and into your running shoes – the B2Run motto in Düsseldorf is also a credo of BNP Parisbas Factor GmbH. As in previous years, 14 employees will participate in the B2Run. They will take off at precisely 7 PM on 28 June 2018 for a 6.2 kilometre circuit along the banks of the river Rhine that ends in the ESPRIT Arena.

The B2Run boosts corporate team spirit, morale and health. A worthy goal that has caught on: in more than 17 cities, over 195,000 runners from 9500 companies will participate in the race. Climate protection is another focus, because running is a very environmentally friendly activity. And B2Run ensures that the ecological impact from the event including fuel, electricity and heating consumption is kept as low as possible from day one.

Furthermore, B2Run is involved in various sustainable projects to compensate for the CO2 emissions during the event. These include support for the production of efficient cooking ovens in Mali that not only protect the local environment but also improve people’s health since they emit significantly less smoke gases. B2Run also champions a reforestation project in the North of Costa Rica and encourages participants and partners of the event to engage in climate protection. This helped compensate for 1,838 tonnes of CO2 during the B2Run season in 2017.

The effort is in line with BNP Parisbas‘ own engagement: the Group is also actively involved in fighting climate change by supporting clients and partners in establishing a climate-friendly economy while consistently reducing the environmental footprint of its own business activities and building an environmental protection network.

BNP Parisbas Sector is pleased to again participate in the B2Run event this year to set a good example in terms of team spirit, healthy practices in everyday office life and environmental protection.

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