Revenue growth of BNP Paribas Factor GmbH well above industry growth

In the first half 2015, we reported a new sales record with EUR 7.8 billion and thus achieved a growth of 106 percent on the previous year (same period 2014: EUR 3.8 billion).

The entire German factoring market is also on track for growth. According to the German Factoring Association (DFV), this market has grown by 11.64%  to EUR 100.5 billion in the first half of 2015. In the previous half, it was still at EUR 90.02 billion. (The members of the DFV Association represent more than 98% of the organized factoring volume.) Growth driver, especially with the 25 leading factoring companies, was international business with 22.94% growth of export business, to EUR 26.85 billion and 23.36% growth of the import business to EUR 1.96 billion. With around 8% growth it brought the national factoring business to EUR 73.65 billion.

The sales increases are also due to ever increasing numbers of customers. Compared to last year, a growth of 5.67%  to 19,200 customers is recorded here. This is an indication that factoring is also used as an effective means of corporate financing in times of low interest rates, especially in the SME sector.