Our solution Distribution-Finance serves the liquidity-saving expansion of vehicle model presentation as well as the support of traders through extended payment targets.

The factoring solution with long payment targets for vehicle manufacturers

As part of Distribution-Finance, the dealer has a payment target of up to 360 days. The invoice is immediately acquired by BNP Paribas Factor and the liquidity made available to the manufacturer. Only after the due date of the invoice, or after the premature sale of the vehicle, does the dealer pay BNP Paribas Factor and receive the vehicle registration document.

The interest accrued in the meantime is charged to the manufacturer by BNP Paribas Factor. The manufacturer, in turn, generally charges the costs incurred by the extended terms of payment to the dealer.

The assignment of an existing trade credit insurance is also possible with this financial instrument. However, beyond the trade credit insurance, BNP Paribas Factor assumes 100% of the risk of payment default by a dealer.

This liquidity-saving solution allows the dealer to present a wider range of products in his showrooms. An increased selection of models can lead to increased sales, benefiting both manufacturer and dealer alike.


Multi-local solutions are particularly suitable for international companies looking for a coordinated cross-border programme that is centrally coordinated and locally implemented.

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Pan-European concepts are made for companies with centralised receivables management that are interested in a uniform factoring approach for all participating countries.

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With Export/ Import-Factoring, you benefit from attractive payment terms and the protection against bad debts in international business.



You benefit from the liquidity and security benefits that BNP Paribas Factor provides you, with 100% risk coverage and the immediate payment of up to 90% of your claims.

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Full-Service- Factoring provides immediate liquidity, relieves your receivables management and protects you from bad debts at the same time. 

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Reverse-Factoring allows you and your strategic supplier a win-win situation. The coordinated involvement of all parties makes it possible to optimise payment targets.

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Due-Date-Factoring  the security variant among the factoring products. We assume the complete risk of a payment failure for you.

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Distribution-Finance is a financing solution that is primarily tailored to the needs of automotive manufacturers and their trading partners.

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